Tesla and other EVs to reach price parity with petrol by 2023, predicts noted futurist

Noted futurist Ray Wills from Perth, Australia recently stated in an interview that all-electric cars like the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model 3 will hit price parity with petrol cars by 2023. Wills further noted that only EVs will likely be produced by 2026 as many gas stations become obsolete. 

Wills, the managing director of advisory firm Future Smart Strategies and a board member of remote energy services provider Horizon Power, stated that the future of the automobile is coming, and it’s approaching far quicker than what many expect. 

“The future is coming faster than we think. And when it arrives, we always say it was faster than we thought,” he said in a statement to The Sydney Morning Herald

Explaining his stance, Wills stated that the sheer disruptive power of all-electric vehicles could be seen in how EVs have significantly eclipsed hybrids, the go-to green cars of the early 2000’s, as of late. This could be seen in how popular cars such as the Toyota Prius have fallen in recent years, and how all-electric vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 have captured the public’s interest. 

“When you see a disrupted market, it’s the thing that has the momentum that rules the day. Nobody will ever be exactly right. But I have been labeled as a futurist and the art of a futurist is to be the least wrong,” he said. 

Another notable key driver with the emergence of mainstream electric personal transportation is the investments currently being allotted to the transition by automobile companies. Volkswagen has announced that it is investing $40 billion in its EV initiatives, and even Toyota, which has long been dedicated to hybrid cars, announced a $2 billion investment for electric car development in Indonesia. Amidst this shift to electric-powered transportation, Wills stated that electrification will likely be complete by 2026. 

“Electrification, as I see it, will be virtually complete by 2026, the only cars built in my opinion will be electric, with the exception of some specialist bespoke vehicles,” he said. 

While notably ambitious, the futurist’s predictions do go in line with the aggressive plans of large auto markets such as China and Europe with regards to the adoption of electric cars. Both regions, which represent the largest markets for EVs today, have plans for banning diesel-powered cars from their major cities within the next few years.

Tesla and other EVs to reach price parity with petrol by 2023, predicts noted futurist


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