Tesla adds Cybertruck delivery event invites back to referral program

Tesla has added invites to its upcoming Cybertruck delivery event back to its referral program, as spotted by some keen onlookers this week.

Sawyer Merritt spotted the addition to the referral program on Monday, sharing a screenshot on X that showed a Cybertruck delivery invite had become available for 30,000 credits. Although many replied to the post saying they didn’t have enough credits, some others were able to snag the referral points invite to the limited event.

According to past statements from company, the event will have limited capacity and will be located at the company’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas on November 30. Because of this, it’s not clear how long the Cybertruck delivery event invites will be available through referral credits, so if you’re hoping to go, you should probably act fast.

You can see a couple of tweets from others who got into the event through referral points below.

Attendees also get a plus one, so some can attend the event as another person’s guest.

Following Tesla Head of Investor Relations Martin Viecha’s announcement that invites had been sent out, some complained that the awarded parties included many influencers and usual suspects at the company’s events. In response, Viecha clarified the reasoning behind the automaker’s decision to hold a random drawing for tickets in a post last week, adding that the referral program plays a large role in who ends up at delivery events.

“We have millions of retail holders and a LOT of interest every time,” Viecha said. “The whole reason for random drawing is that everyone gets a chance. We had someone with 36 shares getting an invite and people with 100k shares not getting one, although each share equals one entry.”

“If you see the usual suspects get invited, in nearly all cases, they didn’t win the random drawing, but many get in through referral program and others get in as someone’s +1. This time was no different,” Viecha added.

Tesla Cybertruck delivery invites were spotted in the referral shop in August, also for 30,000 credits like they are now, though they disappeared at some point ahead of the event’s official announcement at the Q3 earnings call.

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Tesla adds Cybertruck delivery event invites back to referral program


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