Tesla adding racing game leaderboards at Superchargers with next update

Release notes for Tesla’s upcoming software update surfaced over the weekend, and along with many improvements and new features, the company is also set to launch a fun local leaderboard system for its onboard racing game.

Tesla software update 2024.20 is set to add special Supercharger races for Beach Buggy Racing at Superchargers, and the ability to compete for leaderboard spots at the locations, per release notes shared by Not a Tesla App on Saturday. The update is also slated to include improvements to security, to adaptive high beams, and to air conditioning efficiency in hot weather.

“Set the fastest lap at your local Supercharger! Drive to a Supercharger and compete in Beach Buggy Racing special races to set the fastest time on the leaderboard against other players,” writes Tesla in the release notes.

Credit: Tesla (via Not a Tesla App)

The Beach Buggy racing leaderboard system is currently only being made available in the U.S., though it’s being added to all of Tesla’s vehicles. The update also includes hot weather improvements for the whole lineup, which are set to help cool down the cabin more quickly. In addition, Tesla says the hot weather improvements maintain comfort at lower noise levels.

The update also includes important security fixes, adaptive headlight improvements, and an Autopilot Suspension system, as the company details. Tesla now says it plans to suspend Autopilot when drivers receive five “Autopilot strikeouts,” and it will forgive one strikeout for each 7-day period in which they don’t receive any strikeouts.

It’s also worth noting that, as Not a Tesla app points out, these come from an early look at the software update, and there will likely be additional features that haven’t yet been detailed.

Tesla began rolling out its spring update, 2024.14.3, late last month, including features like hands-free trunk opening, mobile sentry mode previews, better routes available in navigation, and still more. In software update 2024.2.11, which initially launched in March, Tesla also began rolling out an Autopark feature based on its neural network for Full Self-Driving (FSD).

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Tesla adding racing game leaderboards at Superchargers with next update


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