Tesla Model 3 owner lays the case on why the US is better off supporting TSLA

By Simon Alvarez Posted on June 1, 2019 A quick look at the comments section of Tesla videos and news coverage online would reveal that there is a lot of misconceptions about the electric car maker. Among these is the rather strange misconception that Tesla’s electric cars are imported from different countries; and hence, not […]

Tesla’s entire Model S and X inventory to get Free Unlimited Supercharging

By Simon Alvarez Posted on May 31, 2019 Tesla has announced that all of its inventory Model S and Model X today will be granted with Free Unlimited Supercharging, a perk that was previously retired when the electric car maker ended its long-running Referral Program. The Free Unlimited Supercharging offer will run until June 30, […]

Tesla’s built-in cameras help police return convicted felon behind bars

By Simon Alvarez Posted on May 30, 2019 Law enforcement officers in Berkeley, CA who were investigating a series of car burglaries recently made a breakthrough in the case, thanks to some help from a rather unexpected crime-fighting tool: a Tesla. Thanks to images captured by the electric car, Berkeley police were able to identify […]