USC 2010 – Ultimate Street Car

The Maxxd team visited Santapod again this year and were graced with good weather, and lots of automotive PORN! We’re pleased to present to you these pics (Thanks to Garage Awesome!) Enjoy! Discuss this event in the Modified Car Forums

Ultimate Street Car (USC) 2010

Now then, we don’t often get dictatorial here.. but for once, we’re going to.. so listen up! Whatever you did have planned for the three days between the 6th and 8th of August, cancel it!.. because you’re all hanging out with us, instead! Why? Because it’s only the bloomin’ weekend of USC, that’s why! If […]

Autoglym Continues as ‘Pod Lane Sponsor Until 2014!

Santa Pod Raceway, home of European Drag Racing is delighted to announce its continued association with Royal warranted surface care manufacturers, Autoglym. The highly respected British firm has been a part of ‘Pod culture for over five years now, being a lane sponsor of the venue’s hallowed quarter mile as well as the polish of […]