Tesla Autopilot “prank” by YouTuber is a big face palm

By Simon Alvarez Posted on March 1, 2020 Teslas are unique vehicles with their own unique capabilities. It is then no surprise to see YouTube and social media platforms be riddled with their own fair share of Tesla-themed prank videos. While most of these pranks tend to be harmless, silly fun (unexpected Ludicrous launches come […]

Tesla Autopilot takes on multiple twists and turns through Hollywood Hills

By Nicole Arce Posted on February 9, 2020 A Model 3 owner drove his Tesla on a challenging test drive through a twisty section of Mulholland Drive in Southern California while the vehicle was on Autopilot. The Model 3 was able to complete the drive with minimal intervention from the driver, though the all-electric sedan’s […]

Watch Tesla Smart Summon react to a runaway “shopping cart” in latest obstacle test

By Joey Klender Posted on December 15, 2019 Tesla Model 3 owner and electric car enthusiast Kevin Rooke performed an experiment with Smart Summon, showcasing its ability to react to moving obstacles in a simulated runaway shopping cart test. Rooke performed a separate Smart Summon test in mid-November, where he put the software through its […]