See Tesla’s blue digital camo-wrapped Cybertruck on video

Ahead of the release of the highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck, some drivers in California spotted a unique blue digital camo wrap on one version of the vehicle this week. Alongside the photos showing the wrapped Cybertruck, videos also depict the unique wrap — even causing some to wonder if Tesla will offer in-house wraps for the futuristic truck.

We reported on photos of the Cybertruck’s unique blue digital camo earlier this week, and X user @kjoule11 has also shared a few video shots of the new wrap. The vehicle is just the latest Cybertruck to be spotted in a privacy wrap, featuring a pixelated blue camouflage look that hasn’t previously been spotted.

Watch the video compilation below from @kjoule11, who originally saw the blue camo wrap earlier this week.

In the multiple shots included in the video, the Cybertruck is seen driving on California Interstate 287 in the Bay Area. The video also includes a voiceover from Tesla CEO Elon Musk discussing the design of the Cybertruck, noting that it has been radically shifted from the traditional look and functionality of a pickup.

The news also comes as the latest Cybertruck wrap to be spotted, with Tesla recently showing off a darker camo, its classic polygon grey camo, and a couple of parody pickup wraps, including one made to look like the Toyota Tundra and one seemingly made to look like the Ford F-150.

Tesla has previously said that the Cybertruck will easily be able to be wrapped in any color or design, and the recent wrap sightings on the vehicle’s prototype versions seem to indicate that ability. The automaker hasn’t said explicitly if these options will be available to customers as in-house wraps, but the few we’ve seen on the road certainly make us hope so.

It also comes as several sightings of non-wrapped Cybertrucks have been spotted in recent weeks, as Tesla prepares to begin deliveries of the unique electric pickup in the coming months. The automaker will need time to ramp up Cybertruck production, and volume production of the pickup is slated for 2024.

Before it can begin Cybertruck deliveries, Tesla still requires crash testing results for the truck from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), as well as a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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See Tesla’s blue digital camo-wrapped Cybertruck on video


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