Samcosport Toyota Supra Mk3 3 Hose Kit

As part of its simply enormous Toyota range, SamcoSport has unveiled these beautifully made coolant and ancillary hoses for the Mk3 MA-70 Supra model, sold between 1985 and 1992.

The 10 piece kit is entirely handmade and can be ordered in 15 different custom finishes including matt-black ‘Classic’ and even flamed or camouflaged for owners looking to score points in the showcar paddock. Due to their unique construction and premier-grade French silicone composition, Samcosport hoses can handle much greater temperatures and pressures than the original factory parts could – even when they were new!

As the perfect finishing touch to a cherished or restored car – or as an essential for those venturing out on track, the Samcosport kit retails at just £99.41 excluding VAT. For the ultimate finishing touch, enthusiasts can also specify a tailored stainless hose clip set for £28.20 + VAT.

For more information please visit or call the team on 01443 238464

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