Harness Your Track Potential With Revolution

Those North-eastern tuning maestros at Revolution have two handy gadgets for anyone who likes to venture out onto track regularly. Being regular circuit pedallists themselves, the Revolution team have been testing the best of the aftermarket to bring you these two gems.

The first is as simple as it is brilliant. For decades now, most cars have some sort of ‘seatbelt out’ warning buzzer or beep for when the car is moving. Very sensible on road, but highly annoying if you have chosen to run a set of harnesses instead for road or track use.

This simple ‘Beep-Stopper’ beltless clip fools the car into thinking that all is well, allowing you to buckle up into your 6 point and get on with the task in hand, without the annoying distraction of the car telling you what to do. Priced at just £4.99 inc. VAT, it’s a great gadget to have lying in the glove box. It’s also a great little tool for anyone in the trade who is regularly moving or parking cars on private land.

The second device will hopefully will never see action, but is great reassurance for those who like to ‘push on’ a little. The high-visibility OMP belt cutter contains a safely covered razor sharp blade that will make short work of any harnesses or seat belts. Invaluable should the worse happen on or off road, allowing a rapid and safe egress from the car should buckles become jammed or time become tight.

Priced at just £9.99 inc. VAT, complete with a hi-tack Velcro pad to allow it to fix anywhere near the driver, this is a thoroughly sensible addition to any  car.

With the team already packing up their kit bags for this year’s Nurburgring testing session, be sure to keep an eye on the Revolution site for the latest track-tested essentials!

For more information, please click to www.revolution247.com or call the team on 0845 002 3009.

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