Samcosport Mitsubishi L200 Turbo Kit (TCS-360)

Those Welsh silicone wizards at Samcosport have once again turned their inimitable talents to improve and prolong the life of the Mitsubishi L200 Pick-Up and its many variants. The hardy truck is a ubiquitous sight on UK roads and Samcosport’s three-piece kit is hand-fabricated to be even tougher than the Mitsi itself, being able to handle temperatures and pressures way in excess of original factory parameters.

Available in an amazing 15 different colours, including camouflaged and matt-black ‘Classic’ finishes, owners can even order a custom ‘flamed’ finish if they want to truly embrace their Hot-Rod roots. For any truck looking to improve its appearance, these kits are a must, but they also make a great deal of sense on any working, or trail-hacking machine, where a blown hose could ruin either a day’s income or enjoyment!

The kits fit all 2001 to 2006 models and are just £119.52 + VAT. For the ultimate finishing touch, enthusiasts can also specify a tailored stainless hose clip set from £12.16 + VAT.

For more information please visit or call the team on 01443 238464.

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