Pipercross Land Rover TD4 (Puma Engine) Panel Filter

Owners of Land Rovers fitted with the TD4 engine will be delighted to learn of the latest bespoke panel filter from induction specialists, Pipercross. The new filter is a direct replacement for the OEM part, dropping into the factory airbox in seconds. Thanks to a far superior flow rate, the filter can often bring improved driveability and throttle response – perfect for towing and off-roading.

The science behind this improved air-flow is the carefully selected multilayered foam used in the filters construction, offering 30% more air-flow than even the most efficient of OEM filters. The ingenious multi-layer design also filters down to a far finer rate, protecting the engine against damage and prolonging its serviceable life. Ideal for road-going cars, but absolutely essential for off-road machinery. Pipercross foam filters have been proven to flow stronger for longer in dusty environments than cotton gauze equivalents, too. Hence the reason that they are the choice of so many race teams.

These can be easily serviced at the appropriate intervals with Pipercross cleaning spray to keep the filter in tip-top condition. Thanks to a lifetime warranty, these filter makes huge financial sense – especially when you factor in the reasonable £34.85 price tag. Best of all, like the Land Rover itself, each filter is lovingly hand-crafted here in the UK.

As superb first upgrade to any TD4 Land Rover, it’s a modification you can undertake with your heart and your head. Even if you’re not running a TD4, with over 3,000 models covered in the range, there’s a good chance they have one to enhance and protect your engine.

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