Samcosport Launch New Autoglym Silicone Hose Wipes

Samcosport, the world leader in performance silicone hoses has joined forces with Royal-warranted surface care manufacturer Autoglym to produce a superbly effective new valeting product; Silicone Hose Wipes. Launched at the 2010 SEMA show in Las Vegas, the product has already picked up their Global Media Award on its first day on sale!

As the name suggests, the new product offers a safe and convenient way for valeters, detailers and anybody who takes pride in their car to achieve a flawless finish on any silicone or rubber components in the engine bay. Throughout the development process, both Samcosport and Autoglym technicians have taken great trouble to test the active ingredients in all manner of real life and simulated conditions, ensuring that neither heat cycles, traffic film or engine deposits can phase these super-effective wipes. Regular cleaning of the hoses helps them to maintain their factory finish and lustre, preserving their looks for the lifetime of the car.

Samcosport Product Development Manager Mark Hale said, ‘We have developed this product in response to an overwhelming demand from our dealers and end-users. We wanted to develop a highly efficient cleaner that could be tightly targeted around the engine bay, cleaning only the hose, without contaminating either belts, paintwork or components with cleaning products, as can happen with spray-type alternatives.’

Each box contains 10 sealed sachets of pre-impregnated lint-free wipes, ready for action on the showground, concours line-up, or even just on the driveway on a Sunday morning. Priced at just £6.98 including VAT, they’re a perfect addition to your cleaning kit and available from all Samcosport retailers.

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