Richbrook Discarnect. The Undoing Of Car Thieves Everywhere

The blissfully simple Discarnect from Richbrook is living proof that the best ideas in life are often the most straightforward.

The simple device, retailing at just £9.95, fits in just minutes, yet offers a brace of benefits for any conscientious car owner. The unit fits any type of battery post including the Ford ‘square’ type.

Once fitted, simply undoing the plastic knob in the middle disconnects the high-tension side of the car’s ignition circuit, rendering the vehicle immobile immediately. This can be secreted around the car or in a pocket, to be refitted when the owner returns. Ingeniously, a small fused link is included to allow low current drain items like clocks, radios and alarms to still function perfectly. This fuse however, can’t handle ignition duties, ‘blowing’ harmlessly should somebody try to start the vehicle.

With this fused link removed, The Discarnect becomes a superb ‘lay-up’ device for the classic car fraternity. Lack of use is the most common cause of failure for most laid-up cars batteries, yet the fitment of the Discarnect allows the owner to quickly and cleanly connect and disconnect at will, drastically extending the life of any car that is infrequently used.

Whether you buy it for car security – or battery longevity – or both! It will doubtless be the best tenner you ever spend on your car!

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