Pylon damaged in Tesla Giga Berlin alleged arson attack gets fully repaired

A power pylon near Tesla Giga Berlin that was damaged in March’s alleged arson attack has been completely repaired. The cost of repairing the facility, which was allegedly set on fire by environmental activists as a form of protest against Tesla, was over a million euros. 

As noted in an rbb24 report, the attack on the power pylon successfully cut the power to Giga Berlin. However, it also cut the power to the Berlin districts of Rahnsdorf, Wilhelmshagen, and Müggelheim, as well as the Brandenburg towns of Erkner, Gosen-Neu-Zittau, Woltersdorf, and the Grünheide districts of Fangschleuse and Freienbrink. Other businesses in the area were affected as well. 

While Giga Berlin was able to resume vehicle operations quickly, the repair for the damaged pylon seemed to have taken a bit more time. As noted by network operator Edis, the damaged components on the affected power pylon had to be completely replaced. Several hundred individual parts also had to be manufactured and assembled by hand as part of the facility’s repairs. 

As a result of the environmental activists’ attack, the power pylon would be extensively secured. As noted by Edis, camera systems that were installed in the facility following the attack would be retained. The pylon would be fenced in as well, and security service will monitor the facility around the clock. That’s quite a lot of security measures for a power pylon, but considering the tensions in Giga Berlin, such efforts may indeed be required. 

Previous reports have noted that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has urged German officials to ensure that the people behind the arson attack are caught. As per Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach (SPD), “Elon Musk has made it clear what he expects from us. In his words, ‘You absolutely need to find a way to apprehend this attacker. People shouldn’t be left with the wrong message if they escape capture.’”

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Pylon damaged in Tesla Giga Berlin alleged arson attack gets fully repaired


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