PowerStation – AST Sportline for Subarus

Subaru tuning supremos PowerStation have been busy honing their suspension range for the latest Impreza models. The new 2009 AST line up offers a beautifully engineered solution for every model of the new car, offering a balance between capability, comfort – and cost!

The AST Sportline range is a traditional coil-over type unit that incorporates ride height and damper force adjustment. Although manufactured in the same factory as their race ranges, the Sportline weighs in at a fraction of the cost, making it a superb choice for the fast road or track driver that wants ultimate control, tempered by comfort and reliability. Damper rates have been carefully matched to spring rates to give a sublime package.


A 12-point adjustable damper can be quickly set by the driver, via a single knob to allow for different ambient conditions, road types or driving styles. Bump and rebound are adjusted together in one movement to allow for instant fine tuning.

The units are monotube, and are nitrogen filled to eliminate the problems of aeration found in cheaper non-gas units. Prices start at just £1195 for the ‘08 cars. PowerStation also offer a huge range of units for the older cars, going right back to 94 model year.

For those looking to spend more time on the track, the Raceline range should need no introduction. As the suspension that took PowerStation to the overall victory in the 2006 Time Attack Championships, the Raceline range boasts an impressive list of features. Each unit is height adjustable and has 3-way damper adjustment, allowing changes to both and low and high speed compression and rebound characteristics. The compression circuits are located on an externally mounted reservoir, which allows an increased level of oil capacity and higher internal nitrogen pressures to eliminate aerating. Each damper has 12 positions allowing for infinite fine tuning to tweak pitch, dive, roll balance and to allow for all weather conditions at the circuit.

With AST’s high quality top-mounts as standard, it’s no surprise that AST Raceline Dampers are the choice of many of Europe’s top race teams – and with great success. Prices start at just £3750 For the ‘08- models and again go back through the range to cater for most early models.

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