RCM Launch New Impreza Wide Track Time Attack Kit

Respected Subaru tuner Roger Clark Motorsport has unveiled an unparalleled no-compromise chassis upgrade for competitors looking to achieve the ultimate in handling and performance.

Their new Impreza kit is aimed squarely at the top-end competition market and uses the finest materials and construction to allow tuners to run the car radically low for circuit work, without compromising the geometry of the suspension arms. This is achieved by a drastic re-positioning of all key components, meaning that the new, rose-jointed arms can achieve the factory’s desired downward position at rest, as opposed to the undesirable uplifted situation that results from simply lowering a stock chassis set-up. Using this kit, the car can be lowered by over 3” without deviating from the suspension’s optimum positioning.

Material choice is exemplary. The uprights and brackets in the kit are machined from a solid HE15 billet, before being fitted with the very latest Subaru competition-spec wheel bearings and 22B wide track hubs. The studs used are also toughened and extended versions to allow a wide range of motorsport wheels to be fitted. The compression struts and track control arms are precision fabricated from Cro-Moly and utilise precise rose joints to ensure stiffness and accuracy in their movement.

As well as improving the geometry considerably, the kit also endows the recipient car with an increased track of 30mm per side, improving handling and turn-in further still,

The kit is engineered to suit each bespoke application, so can be ordered for any GC8 or GD8 chassis. Understandably, with every solution being tailor-made, prices are available on application.

For more details on the team and their extensive Subaru range, please visit www.rogerclarkmotorsport.co.uk or call them on 01455 828610.

Alternative Energy Racing 2010 at Santa Pod Raceway

Santa Pod Raceway, the home of European Drag racing is once again throwing open its doors to motorsport’s greenest event; The Alternative Energy Racing day on Friday 23rd April. Motorsport doesn’t at first seem like the obvious place to showcase vehicles for a more sustainable lifestyle, but there is only one future for all of us, and that’s cleaner and greener… motorsport included.

Alternative Energy Racing is entering its third year in 2010, and it has been developed as an event exclusively for vehicles that do not burn fossil fuels. That means for one afternoon a year, petrol and diesel is banned from the petrol-head Mecca of Santa Pod Raceway, and alternative fuel and electric vehicles will hit the dragstrip on Friday 23rd April.

You don’t have to believe in global climate change to realise that burning fossil fuels is a bad thing. There are all sorts of good reasons to look to the future for personal transport and racing right now and prove that performance doesn’t have to mean pollution. Alternative Energy Racing is here to bring together people working in the field of alternative fuels, racing and future transportation, and put the technology through its paces on the proving ground of the Santa Pod’s hallowed quarter mile.

The event is open to companies, individuals, universities, colleges and clubs, and all types of vehicles are welcome, provided they are powered by energy that can be produced in a sustainable manner. That could include cars, bikes and trucks using biodiesel, bioethanol, biogas, electric, hydrogen, compressed gas, and even synthesised fuels.

Entry and tracktime at the event is FREE for all suitable entries registered through the official website. Taking part is fun, free, and can be an important way to test vehicle performance.

Registration forms and full event info is available online at: www.AERacing.org or by contacting Santa Pod Raceway

For more information, please visit www.santapod.com or contact Rick Cuthbert on 0208 852 5005 or via [email protected]

Cobra Vectra C Spring Kit Out Now!

Cobra Vectra C Spring Kit Out Now!

The launch of the latest Insignia range has caused ripples of excitement throughout the motor industry. Its elder sibling, the Vectra C, still has plenty of fight left in it however, and thanks to Cobra Suspension, now has the cornering prowess to run rings round the new upstart.

The new Cobra kit is available in different fitments to suit all variants and drops them all (5 door, Signum or Estate ) by a tasteful and practical 30mm – more on the lesser engined variants. By lowering the car’s centre of gravity, both turn and traction mid corner are greatly improved whilst driver feedback and enjoyment are considerably heightened. Those looking for a true pan-scraping stance can specify the -45m versions, which still feature a progressive wind for comfort and control.

All Cobra springs are pre-fatigued to avoid the ‘sag’ more commonly associated with aftermarket suspension. They’re also electrostatically powder coated for a long life and rust free existence. This quality is backed by Cobra’s comprehensive 5 year warranty.

Despite the quality, the price weighs in at just £126.19 + VAT. A great way to make your Griffin spiffin’.

For more details please visit www.cobra-suspension.com or call Cobra on 01530 517920.