2021 Mini John Cooper Works GP spy shots

Mini has confirmed plans to launch a new John Cooper Works GP in 2020 and now we have the first spy shots of prototypes.

The JCW GP is a track-focused version of the Mini Hardtop, and the brand confirmed in January that the car will pack over 300 horsepower.

A concept was rolled out at the 2017 Frankfurt International Motor Show to preview the car, and judging by the prototypes in our spy shots, the production version will be virtually identical to the concept—right down to the oversized roof spoiler.

Mini John Cooper Works GP concept, 2017 Frankfurt auto show

Mini John Cooper Works GP concept, 2017 Frankfurt auto show

The concept also wore an aggressive body kit, angrier front and rear fascia, and widened fenders, all of which we also see here. Carbon fiber helped shave weight, and the concept’s stripped-out interior featured a roll cage and steering-column-mounted paddle shifters.

We can also expect track-ready suspension, improved brakes, and sticky tires for the production model, not to mention a higher price for a limited-edition car. Just 3,000 units are planned for worldwide sale.

We can expect the JCW GP to run an uprated version of the standard John Cooper Works Hardtop‘s 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4. The engine delivers 228 hp in the standard JCW model, but as mentioned above it will deliver over 300 horses in this GP.

2013 MINI John Cooper Works GP

2013 MINI John Cooper Works GP

The GP badge signifies the end of a generation, and the new model will likely serve as a farewell to the current-generation Hardtop before a redesigned version arrives. The last time the GP appeared was in 2013, and it’s only ever surfaced in Hardtop form.

Before the GP’s arrival, Mini will launch an electric Cooper S E Hardtop, most likely at this September’s 2019 Frankfurt auto show. The GP should be revealed around mid-2020.

Stay tuned for updates as development continues.



What’s better than a wax? A wax that’s also a cleaner and a polish too of course. And that’s exactly what the bods at Meguiar’s are offering here with their imaginatively-named 3-in-1 Wax.

Still, they may have not spent an age messing about on what to call it, but there’s no denying that they’ve put some serious R&D into this one.

Packed with advanced abrasives and a whole load of rich polishing oils, this thoroughly 21st Century formula can remove defects and blemishes below the surface of your paint, but provide additional depth, fullness-of-colour and gloss too.

What’s more, the unique blend of carnauba and synthetic polymers provide a super-durable barrier to the elements and extreme water-beading, all in one simple step.

It can also be applied by hand or with a DA and for 25-quid you get a big 16-ounce (yep, they’re American) bottle of the stuff. We likey, lots.

Price £25

For more info see Meguiar’s


Tesla Model 3 lease program opens door to future ride-hailing network

Tesla has officially launched its Model 3 leasing program to include any variant of the all-electric midsize sedan.

Unlike traditional agreements, the Model 3 vehicles under lease will not be available for purchase once the lease matures. Tesla intends to use those vehicles as part of its coming autonomous ride-hailing network, a service dubbed as the Tesla Network. The decision to maintain ownership of its leased Model 3 fleet for such future use indicates Tesla’s high level of confidence in the development of its Full Self-Driving program. Any revenue lost from not offering its used cars for purchase is clearly expected to be generated through other profitable means.

Tesla is hosting an Autonomy Investor Day on April 22nd at its headquarters in Palo Alto, California wherein the company’s roadmap for Full Self-Driving features will be discussed and demonstrated. Several autonomous features have been released to Tesla owners recently including Navigate on Autopilot and Summon, and Hardware 3 – the Full Self-Driving computer – is already being included in new production cars. The Autonomy event will also be live-streamed.

The news of Tesla’s Model 3 leasing program comes on the heels of several other major shakeups for the electric car maker, most of which affect the company’s Model 3 options directly. The once highly anticipated $35k Standard Range variation of the car has been removed from Tesla’s website in favor of the Standard Plus variant only out of the two most affordable options.

Customers can still obtain the Model 3 Standard Range outside of the online process; however, the Plus variation must be purchased first, making the downgrade a software-generated reversion of battery range and computer programs given with a refund.

Tesla’s financial reasoning behind these changes may be clarified further during the upcoming Q1 2019 earnings call scheduled for April 24th. In the company’s announcement regarding the sales retooling, streamlining and simplification of operations were cited as the primary drivers. Additionally, the Model 3 Standard Plus sold at six times the rate of the Standard, according to Tesla, thus offering an opportunity to further simplify the ordering and manufacturing process became apparent.

Tesla Model 3 lease program opens door to future ride-hailing network


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