RCM Parallel Fuel Rail Kit. Fuel’s Gold!

Current TOTB and Time Attack Champions Roger Clark Motorsport have released yet another one of their own superb trophy winning tricks into the market place; their parallel fuel rail kit.

On the standard Subaru engine, fuel is delivered is a ‘series’ style circuit, feeding first one bank of cylinders before stretching around the block to deliver to the remaining two. In high performance applications, this somewhat simplistic design can see unequal pressures and delivery on either side of the engine, resulting in dire consequences for the ‘last’ cylinder in the sequence.

RCM Parallel Fuel Rail

The RCM solution is a direct adaptation of the units designed and tested by the team on the hugely successful ‘Gobstopper’ race car. The fuel arrives from a central line, before being precisely split into two parallel feeds which then service each cylinder bank. The result is perfectly equal pressures feeding each injector.

The kit consists of  two beautifully extruded rails, four dash 6 stainless steel ends, complete with ‘o’ ring, fitting brackets. In testing, the kit has been happy to keep up with the prodigious thirst of RCM’s own 890 bhp test cars, so whatever flat-four trickery you’re planning under the bonnet, it’s safe to say that this kit can cope.

Priced at £425 + VAT you’d be fuellish not to.. Fits all 2001 on engines, both 2.0 and 2.5 litre.

For more details on the team or the magic they can perform on any Subaru, please visit www.rogerclarkmotorsport.co.uk or call them on 01455 828610.

Thor Racing Laser Cut Stainless Instruments

Thor Racing Laser Cut Stainless Instruments. Cut A Dash!

For the one component that you spend most of your driving time looking at, your poor old gauges are usually at the back of the queue when it comes to improving aesthetics. Luckily, THOR Racing has stepped forward to banish dreary dashboards forever with their beautifully machined Stainless Steel Dash Kits.

Available for almost every car, each kit contains precision CNC’d gauge covers that allow all factory backlighting to shine through in its original positions, maintaining full legality and ergonomics. Better still, through the use of tailored filters, the backlighting colour can also be changed to any hue that you wish.

The gauges come as standard in an attractive brushed finished, but can be custom ordered in any paint code and lasered with practically any logo or message to create a truly individual dashboard. In addition to the main gauges, most auxiliary gauge and ‘tell-tale’ positions can also be catered for.

Fitment is relatively simple, requiring the removal of the dashboard binnacle and gauge pod and can usually be completed within 1 or 2 hours on most vehicles. Prices start at £80 + VAT for a three gauge brushed kit.

For more details on the vast THOR range of tuning parts please click to www.thor-racing.co.uk or call the team on 08452 60 57 60

Prolong Waterless Car Wash and Shine

Prolong. Clean Car. Warm Hands. Clear Conscience

Just when you’d given up all thought of braving the cold to wash the family motor, those clever chaps at Prolong have come up with the perfect solution. The Prolong Waterless Wash & Shine range gives a factory shine without the need for buckets, hoses or even water!

Good news as temperatures plummet and cars get dirtier. The unique Prolong formulation washes, shines and protects in one easy application. But how does it all work? It’s simple really. The Wash & Shine is sprayed onto a filthy car, encapsulating the muck by surrounding the dirt particles with lubricating agents and gently lifting them from the painted surface. It’s then easily wiped off, without scratching to leave a flawless shine and protective coating. Best of all it works on exterior paint, chrome, aluminium and glass.

Prolong UK top boffin, Mike Purchase, makes a compelling case for waterless washing. ‘As we hit Winter, it’s no fun manhandling buckets of rapidly cooling water, or fighting a freezing hosepipe on a frosty morning.’ He explained. ‘Washing with water also makes a complete mess of the surrounding area and isn’t great for the environment either. In the UK, we waste millions of gallons of water each year washing our cars. This product does it with a few sprays and a few minutes polishing.’

Whilst keeping fingers toasty warm in winter may seem like a good idea, the Waterless Wash & Shine system also provides unrivalled cleaning performance all year round, for any type of car. So whether you’re trying to do your bit to save the planet – or just trying to save a bit of time, Prolong Waterless Wash and Shine is the perfect way to do both.

Visit www.prolong-uk.com or call them on 01628 828473 to find out more.


  • Will Not Scratch Paint
  • Cleans, Shines and Protects In Minutes Without Water
  • One Step.. Wipes Up Dirt, Lays Down Shine
  • No Mess.. Use Anywhere, Anytime
  • Cold .. OR Hot, Year Round Use
  • Saves Money, Saves Water, Saves Time!