Once-deemed “Tesla killer” Jaguar I-PACE to be retired in 2025: report

There was a time when the Jaguar I-PACE was considered a “Tesla Killer.” Produced by a respected veteran automaker and equipped with a stunning design that’s was sure to turn heads, the I-PACE was an all-electric vehicle that seemed perfectly poised to challenge Tesla. It seemed, at least for some time, like the perfect counterattack to Tesla’s onslaught of Silicon Valley-styled electric cars. 

The I-PACE seemed like it had wind in its sails too. The all-electric SUV and “Tesla Killer” swept automotive awards left and right, winning 62 international accolades, including the esteemed 2019 World Car of the Year award. It also brought home the Best Design and Best Green Car awards. This was a notable accomplishment for the I-PACE, especially considering that the Tesla Model 3 was already on sale at the time. 

Yet as per recent comments to Autocar UK by JLR CEO Adrian Mardell, the Jaguar I-PACE will no longer be part of the firm’s all-electric lineup. It will also be taken off sale before the firm’s relaunch in 2025, along with the rest of its current model range. Interestingly enough, Mardell’s predecessor, Thierry Bolloré’s, has previously hinted that the I-PACE will be made “better and better.” 

Jaguar has not revealed the exact date when the I-PACE will be retired, though the company has noted that it will reveal its next-generation vehicles in late 2024. The vehicles, which are expected to be built on the company’s JEA electric architecture, are expected to be launched in 2025. 

“We don’t want the product to be out of the market for too long, particularly the electrified one (I-PACE). Now we’re waiting for the confidence in JEA. Right now, people are telling me it’s going to be in the first half of 2025. That’s just under two years away. I’d be more confident in that response when we’re nine to 12 months away. So we’ve got time – we’ve got nine to 12 months – to work through these decisions,” Mardell said. 

While the I-PACE may be on its way out, Mardell noted that the vehicle has served the automaker well. Even today, the I-PACE is sold mainly in the UK and mainland Europe to help the company comply with emissions targets. The vehicle has also helped the company steer the development of other EVs. This suggests that the company’s next EVs would be built, in a way, on the back of the Jaguar I-PACE program. 

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Once-deemed “Tesla killer” Jaguar I-PACE to be retired in 2025: report


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