When the apocalypse comes and we’re all scrabbling about through the scorched remains of the Earth, what do you reckon the kingpin survivors will be driving over the skeletons of the fallen?  Land Rover Defenders, Toyota Hiluxes, rugged stuff like that? Nah, they’ll be in electric Japanese hatchbacks.

At least, that’s what Nissan would have us believe. Take a look at this completely excellent creation, the Re-Leaf. As a concept to demonstrate the potential of electric vehicles in disaster recovery.

The engineers have jacked up the suspension by 70mm, fitted a sump guard, widened the track, and bolted on strong motorsport wheels with knobbly tyres under some slick wider arches.

Rescue equipment includes stuff like a 100-watt LED floodlight, an electric jackhammer, a pressure ventilation fan and an intensive-care medical ventilator, and it’s also got a 32in TV in the boot. Let’s just hope there’s still somewhere to charge it after the bomb drops.

Words Dan Bevis


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