2021 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class spy shots: Ultra-luxury sedan almost ready for debut

Mercedes-Benz didn’t find much luck when it launched Maybach as a standalone brand in in the early 2000s. Poor sales of the ill-fated Maybach 57 and 62 sedans led to Mercedes axing Maybach in 2012.

However, a new strategy to utilize Maybach as an ultra-luxury sub-brand of Mercedes was hatched with the arrival of the previous-generation S-Class. A unique grille, a stretched body and one of the plushest interiors in the business turned out to be a winning formula, especially among China’s chauffeur-driven class.

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There’s now a new generation of the S-Class headed to Mercedes showrooms next year, and it too will receive the Maybach treatment. A prototype for the redesigned Mercedes-Maybach S-Class has just been spotted, and with most of the camouflage gear of earlier testers gone, it means we’re now close to the reveal.

The car will feature a uniquely long body compared to even the long-wheelbase S-Class that we get as standard here in the United States. It will also boast a grille with vertical slats whose design was inspired by the pinstripes of a suit. It’s becoming a staple of modern Maybachs. It appears the grille won’t be as tall as the one on the current Maybach S-Class, and the headlights, which will be shared with the redesigned S-Class, are also slimmer, which together with the shorter grille results in a sleeker, more streamlined face.

2021 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class spy shots - Photo credit: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien

2021 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class spy shots – Photo credit: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien

The current Maybach S-Class comes with turbocharged V-8 and V-12 powertrains, and this should be true for the new generation, though we could see one or both powertrains augmented with hybrid technology.

Look for an S580 model with the same V-8 mild-hybrid setup found in the latest S-Class, good for 496 horsepower. The V-12 could also feature mild-hybrid tech and sit in an S650- or S680-badged model.

2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The Maybach S-Class naturally will receive the latest technology developments at Mercedes. For instance, there should be self-driving capability, albeit in limited capacity. However, Mercedes—and thus Maybach, too—by as early as 2024 is expected to have cars with Level 4 self-driving capability on sale. These are expected to handle highway driving and parking situations with minimal to zero requirements from the driver. Given the 2024 release date, we could see the technology introduced in time for the redesigned Maybach S-Class’ mid-cycle update.

Look for the redesigned Maybach S-Class to debut in the coming weeks. An extra-long Pullman body style may also be in the works, though the previous-generation S-Class’ coupe and convertible body styles won’t be repeated.


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