Next-gen Tesla Roadster’s insane acceleration imagined in drive-by fan video

An automotive render specialist recently published a short clip depicting what it would be like to encounter the next-generation Tesla Roadster in the wild. The brief drive-by fan video perfectly captures the silent ferocity of the all-electric supercar as it propels itself like a land-based rocketship.

The fan-made Tesla Roadster clip, appropriately titled “Gone,” was posted by auto concept artist 2NCS 3D Graphics, which specializes in combining rendered cars and real-life settings. Using an accurate 3D model of the upcoming vehicle, the group was able to accurately imagine a scene that could very well be real once deliveries of the next-gen Roadster begin.

What’s fascinating about the fan-made video is that the acceleration depicted of the next-gen Roadster is quite accurate. When the next-gen Roadster was unveiled with the Tesla Semi in November 2017, it shocked the auto industry with its insane specs, which is headlined by its 0-60 mph time of 1.9 seconds and its top speed of over 250 mph. This raw acceleration was on display the whole night of the car’s unveiling party, as Tesla conducted numerous test drives of the next-gen Roadster with a number of the event’s attendees.

The next-generation Roadster would be the electric car maker’s halo vehicle, embodying the best that Tesla has to offer. Apart from its impressive 0-60 mph time and top speed, the Roadster features a range of 620 miles per charge. The supercar is also equipped with three electric motors that give it 10,000 Nm of torque. Elon Musk candidly noted during the unveiling that such specs are almost “stupid,” but they do establish the Roadster’s designation as a “hardcore smackdown to gasoline cars.”

Since the vehicle’s unveiling, Elon Musk has mentioned a number of other features that would be included in the car. Among these is “augmented mode,” which is designed to “enhance drivers’ abilities.” In a nod to the usual parallels drawn between himself and fictional Marvel billionaire-superhero Tony Stark/Iron Man, Musk noted on Twitter that augmented mode would make driving the next-gen Roadster similar to “flying in a metal suit.”

Musk has also stated that the car’s insane performance figures are only true for the supercar’s base model. Beyond the Roadster’s base model, there will also be a “SpaceX package” that will be offered for the vehicle, which would use literal rocket technology to make the car go even faster. Musk has also noted that with the SpaceX package, the Roadster can operate in a way that is almost similar to the DeLorean Time Machine depicted in the Back to the Future franchise.

Watch the next-gen Tesla Roadster’s fan-made drive-by video below.

Gone | CG Big thanks for the 3d model to my bro 3DM Automotive

Posted by 2NCS 3D Graphics on Friday, February 22, 2019

Next-gen Tesla Roadster’s insane acceleration imagined in drive-by fan video


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