New Tesla Model 3 Performance details from Giga Shanghai revealed in MIIT catalog

Tesla China has taken a key step towards the first deliveries of its most powerful Model 3 variant in the country. As per recent reports, the reengineered Model 3 Performance has been included in China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s (MIIT) catalog of upcoming vehicles.

The new Model 3 Performane’s inclusion in the MIIT catalog is the last major government approval a car needs so it can be sold in the country, as noted in a CNEV Post report. Public feedback on the new Model 3 Performance’s inclusion will be open from May 12th to 17th.

The Tesla Model 3 in the MIIT catalog features a model number of TSL7000BEVBA5. As per the catalog, the new vehicle is produced at Giga Shanghai, and it features a front motor that delivers 137 kW and a rear motor that delivers 265 kW of power. This translates to a top speed of 261 km/h and a 0-100 km/h acceleration time of just 3.1 seconds.

The car is also listed with a ternary lithium-ion battery supplied by South Korea’s LG Energy Solution. Tesla China itself handles the assembly of the revamped Model 3 Performance’s battery pack. The MIIT’s catalog also lists the new Model 3 Performance with a length of 4,724 mm, a width of 1,848 mm, and a height of 1,430 mm. Its wheelbase is also listed as 2,875 mm. 

Tesla had already launched the reengineered Model 3 Performance last month, though deliveries in China are expected to start sometime in Q3 2024, as per the vehicle’s order page in China. The new Model 3 Performance starts at RMB 335,900 (about $46,430), which is about 44% higher compared to the base Model 3’s RMB 231,900 (about $32,000).

The launch of the reengineered Tesla Model 3 Performance effectively completes the all-electric sedan’s revamped lineup. When the new Model 3, which was known among EV circles as the Model 3 Highland, was launched last year, it only included two variants of the vehicle: the base Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) and the mid-tier Long Range Dual Motor All Wheel Drive (AWD). It was not until late last month that the new Model 3 Performance was launched to complete the lineup of the all-electric sedan. 

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New Tesla Model 3 Performance details from Giga Shanghai revealed in MIIT catalog


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