Motorcycle helmet for the track

One of the best ways to enjoy owning and driving a performance car is to take it to a track and push it – and yourself – to the limit! Many people will own a fast car for years and never really use it to its full potential as its just not safe to do so on the roads.

During the summer months there are plenty of RWYB days at santa pod and track days at Silverstone and anyone with a driving licence and a road legal car can enter. The cost varies depending on the event but whatever the cost you definitely get your moneys worth.

You don’t have to prepare your car much – if at all – for track use, maybe just a fire extinguisher and a motorcycle helmets. Many people cover their car front and rear lights in tape so that if smashed they dont shatter. Some also cover their number plates with a X, but you’ll have to ask someone that does it why 😉

I will warn you in advance though, it has been known to be quite addictive! Friends of ours have ended up making their car so ‘track orientated’ that they have had to garage the cars for winter and buying daily runabouts to get to work in!

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