Golf VI Drivers. Lower Your Ride With Eibach.

The latest Golf VI from VW is a great car, no doubt. But, thanks to suspension gurus Eibach, Wolfsburg’s perennial favourite just got a whole new bag of party tricks.

In standard form the car does a brilliant job of being all things to all people, but for those looking to achieve the ultimate in pin-point handling, without upsetting the VW’s superb road manners, Eibach have released a plethora of chassis upgrades to bring the new Golf up to par.

The Pro-Kit lowers the car by around 30mm and offers a drastically improved stance, better turn-in and lower centre of gravity for decisive direction changes. Working in harmony with the standard dampers, the Pro-Kit rides at almost factory comfort levels and truly offers the best of both worlds. These are priced at £150.91 + VAT.

Those looking for a super-aggressive stance and pinpoint accuracy can specify the Sportline range. Like the Pro-Kit, this uses Eibach’s unique progressive wind technology to maintain optimum ride comfort, despite its 50mm drop. One for those that like the show to match the go! Price? Just £107.69 + VAT. Both kits can be allied to computer matched Pro-Damper kits to give literally sublime handling for just £430.00 + VAT.

The Pro-Street S range uses stainless-steel race technology and springs directly from Eibach’s ERS competition department to give road-quality ride in a race adjustable product. Here drivers can select their desired ride height up to 70mm lower than factory. Once again, Eibach’s chassis designers have taken care to make the kit as useable on the UK’s undulating ‘B’ roads as it is on the track. The price is £734.55 + VAT.

The final finishing touches can be added either with the Anti-Roll Kit, which further improves cornering by keeping the car in a flatter attitude through the turns, reducing body roll and allowing the tyres to work more efficiently – or by adding one of the selection of Pro-Spacer kits. These range in width from 12mm to 30mm and by increasing the Golf’s track measurement can drastically improve lateral grip and turn-in. The Anti-Roll Kit starts at £226.92 + VAT and the Pro-Spacers from £61.54 + VAT per pair.

So whatever the state of your Golf’s game. Eibach can improve your drive.

For more details on the Eibach range, please visit or call the team on 01455 285851.

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