French Car Show, GTi International and Japshow

This coming weekend is one of the weekends that will usually split up a general modified car club. A few car clubs accept any car, any member, as long as its modified. There are however a LOT of specific clubs that only allow people with the same type of car in.

A few specific clubs are as follows;

106 Owners Club
Club GTi
200sx Owners club

And these are the sort of clubs that will be dominating all the shows that are upon us this weekend. The french car show will be home to some of the freshest french cars in the game. The weekend boasts the usual lineup of things to do, including plenty of track action and the top 25 cars sponsored by meguires.

If dubs are really more your thing, then maybe a trip down to GTi International at bruntingthorpe airstrip would suit your needs better?

If im being honest, there is nothing better than walkng about a vast space surrounded by shiney (and not so shiney) lovely dubs!

And if your more into your Jap cars, then head on down to santa pod for the Japshow and get your drift on! There will be drift demo’s all day, and plenty of automotive porn from overseas.

Whatever your into, there is something for you this weekend.

If you do manage to get to one of the shows, then send us your photos so we can show the world.


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