Eibach Launches New Kia Sportage Chassis Upgrades

Respected German spring manufacturer Eibach has released a range of upgrades to enhance Kia’s latest SUV model, The Sportage.

Although the Kia is an SUV in the classic mould, Eibach’s new kit will appeal to drivers that spend most of their time on the tarmac, rather than off road.. That’ll be most owners, then!

The first enhancements are the Eibach Pro-Kit springs. An OEM-quality upgrade that are a direct replacement for the factory parts. Lowering the car by approximately 30mm, the Sportage instantly benefits from a much more aggressive stance. But it’s not all about aesthetics, of course – this new lower centre of gravity and progressive spring rate means that handling and turn-in are significantly improved, with driver inputs being more directly communicated through to the chassis.

Although the lofty ride height is banished forever, the clever progressive winding technology used in the Pro-Kit means the Kia maintains full levels of ride comfort, despite being remarkably more able in the turns. These are basically two springs in one, with a softer, more compliant section for everyday cruising and then a stiffer more precise section that is called into play under more spirited driving.

The final finishing touch comes in the form of the Pro-Spacer. These precision engineered aerospace alloy spacers allow for precise track increases in a multitude of sizes. Perfect on standard rims to get the wheels sitting perfectly in the arch, for optimum handling and an essential on many aftermarket wheels to get the perfect offset.

Prices start at £230.43 for the spring kit and £81.74 for a pair of the 10mm Pro-Spacer. All Eibach spring kits come with full TUV accreditation and a comprehensive 5 year warranty.

For more details on the Eibach range, please visit www.eibach.co.uk or call the team on 01455 285851.

Benefits at a glance

Pro Kit

Improved handling and turn-in

Lower centre of gravity (Up to 30mm)

Progressive spring rate balances comfort and precision

Unrivalled ride quality

Part of the Eibach Pro-System Range


Hi-tensile aluminium alloy construction

Significant weight advantage over steel spacers

Reduction in unsprung weight

Exact fit for perfect wheel balance

High grade corrosion tolerance (salt-spray tested to DIN 50021)

All components fatigue tested

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