Calibre Pro 7. Inspired by the track. Bred for the street.

The latest wheel design from Calibre’s sublime 2011 collection looks every inch the pit-lane refugee that it is. The stunning new Pro 7 uses both JDM and Motorsport influences in its design to create a wheel that should look right at home on a simply massive range of vehicles.

Calibre Pro 7 Alloy Wheel BlackAvailable in both 15 and 17” fitments in both 4 and 5 stud PCDs, the Pro 7 balances light weight with great strength making it perfect for those that like to venture out on track – or for those that just like to look like they do. This is a 2 stage heat-treated wheel making it perfect for club level motorsport and track-day enthusiasts. Calibre Alloy Wheels

The neat asymmetrical spoke design abuts a subtle lip, giving the wheel a perfect mix of timeless style and trackside aggression.

Moody matt black or gloss white with a fine black detail are both available, meaning no matter which colour of car you own, there’s a Pro 7 to suit.

Prices start at £83.20 for the 15” 4 x 100 fitment. Get on Pole Position and get a set on yours!

For more details of the Calibre range, or Alcar’s extensive portfolio of wheel designs, please click to or call 01622 713800.

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