Eibach Evo X Anti-Roll Kit – Flat Out – and Flat!

Mitsubishi’s latest generation Evo is a fine handling weapon straight out of the box – but suspension gurus Eibach have now made it even better. In addition to their best-selling Pro-kit spring upgrades and Multipro coilover units, the German manufacturer has now unveiled its anti-roll bar kits for the popular saloon.

Eibach’s Anti-Roll kit is very much inkeeping with its real-world ethos of everyday practicality. By using the kit’s inherent torsional strength to keep the car flatter under hard cornering than the OEM items, the Eibach upgrade allows the driver to run a more compliant spring set-up for the road, maintaining ride quality and improving cross-country ability. On track, it keeps the car flat and in control for optimum lap times.

The kit comes with all fixings and bushes required for a simple and straightforward fit. By maintaining a more even attitude in the turns, understeer is significantly reduced, thanks to the tyres maintaining a more even contact patch with the road surface.

For any driver that enjoys comfort and speed, it’s a superb modification that maintains the character and composure of the original car, with considerably improved point-to-point ability. Prices have yet to be announced, but are expected to be comparable with the rest of the Eibach range.

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