Cobra Suspension For Nissan 350Z

The Nissan 350Z revived the legend of the much vaunted ‘Z’ cars for Nissan and put a genuine driver’s car back into their model line up. Amazing to think that the car has been with us since 2002, making all those affordable, early examples rife for ardent tuners everywhere.

With the superb 24 valve V6 motor providing plenty of grunt, one of the most effective first modifications is the suspension. Thankfully, chassis maestros Cobra have a raft of solutions for this superb car, and all with full TUV approval.


For those looking to keep a lid on cost without compromising ride quality, the Cobra Spring Kit drops the car by around 30mm and works in harmony with the factory dampers. Handling is drastically improved thanks to a much lower centre of gravity, with turn-in and precision being greatly enhanced after fitment. The high quality finish includes pre-fatiguing, deep powder coating and heat curing to make the Cobra springs a true ‘fit and forget’ proposition.

The ultimate upgrade comes in the form of the Evo III coilover kit which allows full damping and rebound adjustment combined with ride-height adjustment to give incredible control allied to the perfect stance. The bodies are constructed from stainless steel to give long and faithful service, even in the depths of a salted British winter.

Prices start at just £224.00 + VAT for the spring kit rising to £1,079.00 + VAT for the coilover units.

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