Cobra Springs For New Mazda MX5. MXcitement!

Suspension gurus Cobra have released their latest spring kit onto the market; The New Mazda MX5. The most recent addition to their extensive range offers to lower the car by up to 30mm, improving the car’s stance and considerably enhancing its already impressive handling.

Believe it or not, early examples of the current car are now coming up to three years old – and are therefore rife for tuning as the factory warranty expires, leaving the way open for modifiers to start improving upon the factory’s compromise componentry.


Although the MX5 is generally regarded by everyone who drives it as a hugely entertaining drive, it still left the factory with a chassis that was designed to be all things to all people – whether they find themselves dashing for a client’s cut and blow dry – or tearing up a Sunday morning ‘B’ road. Owners from the latter category may appreciate the benefits of the new Cobra kit rather more than owners from the former, as turn-in is greatly improved thanks to the cars lower centre of gravity. Driver feedback is also considerably enhanced with the chassis feeling far more communicative, whilst retaining an excellent ride quality.

The silicon chrome heat-treated springs are plastic coated for a long and durable life – even on the UK’s salted winter roads. Each spring is cold formed for accuracy before being heat treated for strength and durability. Finally, each and every spring is shot-peened to pre-fatigue the spring and eliminate sagging and then zinc plated and powder coated. This lengthy production process explains Cobra’s confidence in their product and their class-leading warranty.

For more information, please visit or call Cobra on 01530 517920.

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