Cobra Honda Civic Suspension Range

Performance Wheels, the UK importers of Cobra suspension has unveiled its latest cost-effective suspension upgrade for Honda Civic models of all ages from 1983 to the present day!

Priced from just £70.63 + VAT for the 2 spring kits and £106.35 + VAT for the 4 spring versions, the Cobra range is aimed at enthusiasts looking for maximum control and precision – for a sensible outlay. Coil spring units offering a drop of -40mm are available for the earlier ’83-87 cars, whilst owners of the later models can choose lowering springs with drops of between -30 to -55m as well as a range of high performance shock absorbers. Those looking to achieve sublime handling and stance can choose from an extensive array of coilover units which on the higher spec models offer full bump and rebound set-up. Height adjustment is vast with drops from – 20mm to – 80m achievable with just a twist of the setting tools that come with the kit. These start at £409.18 VAT for the painted Evo 1 kits or £573.18 + VAT for the version with full stainless steel bodies to offer maximum resistance against corrosion. Ideal for the UK!

Thanks to Cobra’s advanced damper technology, progressively wound springs and urethane bushings, ride quality remains remarkably compliant, despite the car exhibiting far less roll in the turns and being far more responsive to driver inputs.

The spring range benefits from a full 5 year warranty against fit and finish and the shock absorbers and coilovers benefit from 12 months comprehensive cover. All units are fully TUV approved. Whichever  Civic you run.. and no matter how deep your pockets, Cobra have a solution to suit.

For more details on the Cobra range, please click to or call the team on 01530 517920.

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