Golf VI Drivers. Lower Your Ride With Eibach.

The latest Golf VI from VW is a great car, no doubt. But, thanks to suspension gurus Eibach, Wolfsburg’s perennial favourite just got a whole new bag of party tricks. In standard form the car does a brilliant job of being all things to all people, but for those looking to achieve the ultimate in […]

Cobra Evo Coilovers For The Fiat 500

The new generation Fiat 500 has been winning as many fans this time round as its elder brother did in the very beginning. The addictive combination of cute retro styling, fizz-bomb engines and cheeky handling make the Fiat a real hoot to drive. For those enthusiasts looking for precision handling and adjustability from the car, […]

Dodge Challenger Multipro Kit. Coiled For Action!

The stunning new Dodge Challenger may have left the factory with flawless styling and breathtaking performance, but let’s be honest, like all true Muscle Cars there’s a little room for improvement in the handling department. Suspension gurus Eibach used the recent SEMA show in the US to launch their stunning new Multipro kit for the […]