Richbrook Dipstick Wiper

Don’t Be A Dipstick.. Check Your Oil With Richbrook Richbrook’s somewhat self-explanatory Dipstick Wiper might just solve a perennial automotive problem. Every single year, literally millions of engines fail due to the wholly avoidable problem of lack of oil. We all know that we should check it, but faffing around looking for a rag to […]

Motorsport Cameras

If you are involved in the Motorsport world then you have more than likely seen cars with cameras attached to them by now. The world has been going mad about videos for years but more recently it seems to becoming more and more popular within the Motorsport industries. Many race teams are now using on-board […]

Pro-long Super Protectant. Service Your Surfaces!

Those clever chemists at Prolong UK have come up with yet another fab product to keep your car alive for longer. Their latest innovation, Prolong Super Protectant is a uniquely formulated surface care treatment that improves the appearance and extends the life of any rubber, vinyl, plastic or leather surface. It’s unique water-resistant formula means […]