Richbrook Car Torch. What A Bright Idea!

Richbrook’s latest automotive innovation is one of those true ‘why did nobody think of this before’ moments; A super bright rechargeable torch that fits inside any standard 12 volt power socket (that’s a cigarette lighter to you and me). Beautifully made in HE15 aluminium, with CNC machined details, three versions are available. A black anodised […]

Motorsport Cameras

If you are involved in the Motorsport world then you have more than likely seen cars with cameras attached to them by now. The world has been going mad about videos for years but more recently it seems to becoming more and more popular within the Motorsport industries. Many race teams are now using on-board […]

Richbrook ‘Slant’ Gearknob Range.

It’s not unusual for style maestros Richbrook to mix form and function, but their latest design really raises the bar in terms of fit, finish and feel. The ‘Slant’, as its name suggests, uses an attractive offset top section to give a unique ergonomic grip for easy shifting. Two finishes are available to suit every […]