Audi discounts 2023 RS and standard e-tron GTs in the U.S.

Just days after Tesla has announced another round of price cuts in the U.S., German automaker Audi has also begun offering discounts on its 2023 RS e-tron GT and standard GT electric vehicles (EVs) in the market.

Audi is offering a discount on the 2023 RS e-tron GT of $20,000 as of this week, along with deals dropping the price on the standard 2023 e-tron GT by $12,500, as reported by X user Sawyer Merritt in a post on Friday. Audi shared the news of the National Customer Credit in a message to its dealerships, and you can qualify for the price cut when buying or leasing one of the vehicles (via Cars Direct).

The discount marks a 14-percent discount for the RS e-tron GT, and its announcement comes just a few days after EV leader Tesla cut prices on its Model 3 and Model Y vehicles.

Following the discount, the 2023 RS e-tron GT starts at $122,900, while the standard RS e-tron starts at around $93,900. However, the company also notes on its website that its dealership locations determine final prices. The standard e-tron GT is rated for up to 238 miles of range, while the RS e-tron GT offers up to 232 miles.

Currently, Tesla’s rear-wheel-drive Model 3 starts at $38,990 in the U.S., while the RWD Model Y is priced beginning at $43,990. The automaker’s higher-end Model S sedan and Model X SUV start at $74,990 and $79,990, respectively, or buyers can upgrade to the Model S Plaid or the Model X Plaid, both starting at $89,990.

The Model S Plaid offers a range of 396 miles, while the Model X Plaid is rated for up to 333 miles of range. Alternatively, the base-level Tesla Model S offers up to 405 miles of range, while the entry-level Model X is rated for up to 348 miles. Depending on which trim you go with, the Tesla Model 3 can be purchased with between 272 and 333 miles of range, while the Model Y offers between 260 and 330 miles of range.

The news comes after Audi was one of a handful of automakers that didn’t respond to Tesla’s price cuts earlier this year and just a few months after the Volkswagen-owned automaker announced plans to establish a production facility in Mexico.

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Audi discounts 2023 RS and standard e-tron GTs in the U.S.


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