Anti-Tesla protestors call for gradual dismantling of Giga Berlin: “expropriate, strike, loot”

Over the weekend, groups of Tesla protesters and supporters held events against and in support of Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg. A look at the messaging in each event shows that Tesla may have its work cut out for it if it wants to convince its critics that the Grünheide-based Model Y factory is a net positive for the region.

Following the forced shutdown of Giga Berlin due to a suspected arson attack on a power pylon, Tesla employees at Giga Berlin took a stand against the company’s critics. Gathering around Giga Berlin with lights in their hands, the Tesla employees pledged to stand strong and come back from the alleged arson stronger than before. Tesla critics, for their part, organized a protest against Tesla on Sunday. 

As noted in a report from BZ, the anti-Tesla protesters on Sunday numbered about 800. The group, which was reportedly comprised of leftists, environmentalists, and masked anarchists, demanded that Tesla be stopped and Giga Berlin be demolished. Amidst Palestinian scarves, Antifa, and Kurdistan flags, some banners from the group read, “Don’t demand, fight. Expropriate, strike, loot.”

Over a loudspeaker system powered by a diesel generator, Lou Winters, who is from the Tesla den Hahn abdrehen (Turn off Tesla’s tap) group, also called for a “gradual dismantling” of the Tesla Model Y factory. Other discussions from the protesters included complaints about capitalism, colonialism, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. 

Tesla supporters, for their part, supported Tesla’s presence in Grünheide through a counter-protest. Organizer Albrecht Köhler noted during the demonstration that the community wants Tesla in the area. “We want a future with Tesla here. This is an important settlement, we can’t turn back anymore,” Köhler said.

Tesla supporter Silas Heineken noted on X that while the anti-Tesla protest was much larger than the pro-Giga Berlin counter-protest, those who attended the pro-Tesla event were almost all Grünheide residents. Participants of the anti-Tesla protests were reportedly eco-activists from all over Germany.

BZ noted that the police have so far filed some criminal charges during the anti-Tesla demonstration. Three were reportedly apprehended because they were masked, and another reportedly gave a banned Hitler salute to a group of protesters. Reports and videos also seemed to depict YouTube streamer Björn Banane and his wife and dog being attacked by protesters with sticks and other objects.

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Anti-Tesla protestors call for gradual dismantling of Giga Berlin: “expropriate, strike, loot”


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