Hoonigan’s This v That series pitches some interesting cars against each other and this video is no different. Watch this 1000hp Toyota Supra take on an 850hp LS7-powered VW Passat. Who’s your money on?

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This v That is all about pitching weird and wonderful cars against each other in a straight up drag race. Normally, if someone was to say what would win in a drag race, a Toyota Supra or a VW Passat, your money would be going straight on the Supra. But this time around that VW Passat isn’t exactly your regular taxi. No, instead this is powered by a naturally-aspirated LS7 motor developing a whopping 850hp and a 4-speed dog box.

The Supra, on the other hand, is of course tuned. This one retains the 6-speed manual gearbox, but features a 1000hp engine build for good measure. Getting such a powerful, manual, RWD car off the line isn’t exactly easy, and with some tough gear changes too, struggles to contend with the Passat.

Furthermore, there’s an added bonus in the video as both parties agree to a 50mph roll race in order to remove any benefit of traction off the line. So, who’s your money on? The 1000hp Toyota Supra or the 850hp LS7-powered VW Passat?


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