USC Racer – online game out now!!

Exciting news from Ultimate Street Car!

Behind the scenes at Santa Pod, teams of off-duty Christmas elves have been programming a free-to-play computer game that simulates the addictive art of “Run What Ya Brung”. Feel the tension on the startline, test your reactions to the lights, and then rev the engine to the redline to get the best times on the famous Santa Pod Dragstrip.

USC Racer Game“USC Racer” is now online and available to play at:

Get your timing right and you could find yourself on the high-score table. Pass the web-link on to your mates and on your favourite forums and see if they can beat your times! USC Racer Game Start

The game features a choice of modified cars to race: An Audi TT for European car fans, a Corvette for American car fans and a Nissan 350Z for fans of Jap rides. What’s your weapon of choice for attacking the leader board?

If you thought the game was addictive, just wait until you try the real thing at Ultimate Street Car from the 6th-8th August at Santa Pod Raceway.

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