Roborace’s DevBot 2.0 debuts, and it actually looks cool

Despite technical setbacks, Roborace is pushing forward with plans to let self-driving race cars duke it out on a racetrack. The startup racing series published a new set of images via a Twitter announcement on Monday that show the original prototype DevBot’s transformation into the more advanced DevBot 2.0. DevBot 2.0 features an impressive design, […]

Audi AI:ME concept is an A2 from the future

Audi on Monday revealed the AI:ME concept ahead of the official debut on Tuesday at Auto Shanghai 2019. Rather than preview a future model in the works, the concept is a pure design study that explores electric mobility a decade from now. Specifically, it’s a compact EV with self-driving capability that Audi sees as the […]

Apple patents system to help self-driving cars correct slipping tires

Apple remains quiet about any plans for self-driving cars, but it continues to file patents that clue us into what the technology company is interested in. A new patent revolves around detecting speed and behavior at a self-driving car’s tires. Essentially, it’s a new process that could give a self-driving car a clearer picture of […]