Deep dive: Here’s how Audi’s electric turbocharger works

Electric power isn’t just for driving the wheels of a car. Audi uses electric turbochargers to defeat dreaded turbo lag and make engines more responsive. Here’s how it works. Conventional turbochargers use exhaust gases to spin a turbine, driving more air into the engine. More air means more combustion, and more combustion means more power. […]

Here’s why lean engines don’t run hot

Plenty of myths surround the workings of internal-combustion engines. One is that an engine running lean—meaning too much air is going into the cylinders—tend to run hot. Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained busts that myth in this video. The ideal ratio of gasoline to air for combustion is 14.7:1, meaning 14.7 parts air to one […]

McLaren explains why the Senna GTR’s wing is so big

McLaren has started a video series explaining some of the technical innovations on its cars. The first instalment looked at how the Elva speedster manages to deflect wind away from the cabin without a windshield. The second instalment is now out and looks at the rear wing of the Senna GTR track car. It features […]