Scorpion Unleash VW Golf Gti Mk 5 Exhaust System

Exhaust maestros Scorpion have released their latest system onto the market; the ever popular VW Golf Gti 5. With the perennial hot-hatch always at the top of modders’ hit-lists, the Midlands based manufacturer should find plenty of takers for this exceptionally well-made system.

After a considerable amount of road and dyno testing, the new system is available as a direct bolt-on replacement to the OEM part. Fitting directly to the rear of the factory catalyst pipe, the 70mm system is available in two fitments. Either a centre and rear box for those that want maximum extraction with minimum intrusion, or for those that prefer a sportier tone, a Sports bypass pipe is available, leaving just the rear box to handle silencing duties. The flatter Scorpion rear box tucks up into the rear underbody far more neatly than any other aftermarket system, improving looks, ground clearance and the all-important under car air-flow characteristics. This is an element often overlooked by aftermarket manufacturers, but its careful consideration is hardly surprising when you consider the wealth of OEM experience that Scorpion has to draw upon.

Although the fit and finish are certainly to factory standards, power and throttle response gains are most definitely not! – with consistent improvements of between 5 and 10% being recorded during Scorpion’s extensive testing regime. Also finalised, but still undergoing full Global approval, is the firm’s high-flowing sports cat that will bring significant performance gains whilst retaining full legality in all markets. Expect to see this later in 2010. Also undergoing testing is the firm’s Mk6 system which will also be available soon.

Each system is precision fabricated at Scorpion’s UK factory from aerospace quality T304 Stainless Steel and carries a lifetime guarantee. The sound is far more sonorous than the standard item, with a nice growl when pressing on, but keeping a subtle note for comfortable cruising.

This system will fit all petrol Gti Mk 5 models, providing more go, a little more show and a superb soundtrack throughout the rev range. Priced at just £399 for the single box system and £499 for the twin box set up, it’s the first essential modification for any hot Golf.

For more information on this, or any other Scorpion product – or to order your free catalogue, please contact the sales team on 01773 744123 or click to

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