Scorpion Release Complete Mazda MX5 Sports Catalyst Exhaust System.

Leading exhaust manufacturer Scorpion has released a superb new exhaust system for the latest generation of MX5. The new design not only offers significant increases in power, thanks to vastly improved gas-flow, but it also retains full road legality thanks to a 200 cell sports catalyst. As the manufacturer responsible for the exhaust on the Prodrive edition Mazda PZ8, Scorpion’s extensive knowledge of the marque is well documented.

Open-top enthusiasts will love the new sportier tone which endows the car with a crisp ‘rasp’ that evokes the original Lotus Elan – the car that inspired the very first incarnation of the world’s best-selling sports car.

The system is available as either a cat back 63mm system, which deletes the second catalyst for  improved dynamics, or as a full tubular manifold system that replaces the entire factory exhaust from front to back. Scorpion’s engineers have taken great care to ensure that the new sports cat is placed very close to the engine block, ensuring rapid warm-up times and highly efficient operation. This results in class-leading levels of emissions, despite the system offering 10-15% power gains across the board. The tailpipes terminate with tasteful twin 90mm ‘Daytona’ stainless trims.

Each system is entirely hand-fabricated in Scorpion’s UK factory and utilises mandrel bending for constant diameter throughout. The manifold boasts a superb looking laser-cut flange to ensure a perfect gas seal – and to aid under bonnet good looks, of course. All components are constructed from aerospace grade T304 stainless steel and carry a lifetime guarantee.

The sports cat manifold costs £699.95 including VAT and the cat-back system £499.95 including VAT.

For more information on this, or any other Scorpion product – or to order your free catalogue, please contact the sales team on 01773 744123 or click to

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