Richbrook Real Carbon Fibre Sheet. Weave Some Magic

Thanks to Richbrook, tuners, race car engineers and kit car builders have the perfect solution to trimming and finishing any flat or single curvature panels: Their genuine Carbon Fibre sheet.

As the description suggests, this is no ‘me too’ hackneyed lookalike, these are  genuine sheets of flexible carbon fibre sheet, backed with powerful 3M adhesive to allow it to stick to any smooth and flat surface.

Although the sheet is very strong, it can be moulded around simple curvature panels and shapes to create stunning looking and authentic surface finishes that add the perfect finishing touch to a vast array of vehicles.

The sizes of sheet are available. 24 x 38cm, 38 x 48cm and a huge 48 x 76 cm. All kits include a super-sharp craft knife to achieve a perfect edge when cutting. Prices start at £19.95 for the 24 x 38cm. So, make sure you’re getting enough fibre in your life!

For more information on the Richbrook range of high quality car accessories, please visit or call the team on 01328 862387.

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