Revolution 15 Row Oil Cooler Kit. Keep Your Cool

Respected tuner and mail-order supremos Revolution Motorstore have released a comprehensive 15 row oil cooler kit to suit all modified, high-performance, drift and track cars.

Every engine relies on its oil to help the cooling process as well as reducing friction and carrying worn particles away from moving areas. No matter how good your oil, if you can keep it cooler, its viscosity stays more constant and its level of protection is optimised. By allowing the lubricant to be cooled in a high-airflow position via the 15-row cooler, engine wear can be significantly reduced and engine life can be extended.

The superbly engineered kit includes everything needed for fitment to almost any petrol or diesel vehicle. Parts include the cooler itself, a beautiful CNC machined remote oil cooler housing, all aeroquip style lines and three lengths of high-quality stainless braided oil pipe to allow a multitude of different fixing options in a wide variety of cars and light commercials.

The kit can usually be fitted in an hour or so and is an essential upgrade for anyone running  a higher state of tune, towing a caravan or trailer – or for any vehicle that regularly ventures onto track. Priced at £179.99 all in, the kits is significantly cheaper than rebuilding an engine!

For more information, please click to or call the team on 0845 002 3009.

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