Prolong Launch Special Offer Racers Pack For 2010 Season

Those clever chaps at Prolong UK have put together a hat-trick of reasons for tuners and racers to try their product out: A superb new ‘Racers Pack’ of treatments worth well over £50 – for just £30.

The high performance surface modifying lubricants have been proven at the highest level, assisting  Time Attack and ‘Ten Of The Best’ champions Roger Clark Motorsport in achieving their 2010 back-to-back victories. And if they can’t worry the product in their 890 BHP weapon, it’s fair to say that most won’t! Each pack contains and Engine Treatment, Transmission Treatment and Injector Cleaner. Engine and gearbox performance and longevity can be significantly improved with the application of Prolong, with friction and heat in particular being notably reduced. The injector cleaner helps to improve injector efficiency, resulting in a cleaner burn, better drive ability and often, improved MPG.

Although very few of us have the budget and talent to compete with RCM’s considerable track prowess, this is one small, but worthwhile step in the right direction!

For more information on this, or any Prolong product, please call them Prolong UK on 01628 828473 or click on

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