Seriously packed out Honda S2000

Hot off the press is this fine example of a Honda S2000 from Jakarta in Indonesia.  Without boring you with a write up we have decided to give you the full spec. As you will soon see, its a pure beast!!


C-WEST Front Bumper
C-WEST Front Canards
C-WEST Side Skirts
HONDA OEM Paint New Indy Yellow Pearl
HONDA OEM AP2 Headlights
HONDA OEM AP2 Taillights
HONDA OEM Rear Bumper

Volk Racing TE-37 Top Secret Edition with ADVAN Neova AD07:
18″ x 8″ front 225/40 , 18″ x 8.5″ rear 235/40
Bilstein Coilovers
Seidoya Heavyduty Brakepads


ARC Titanium Induction Kit
Cusco Strutbar
TODA 2.2 L stroke-up kit + I-beam conrods
TODA Customized Piston Heads (to fit 1.5mm bored up cylinder body)
TODA High Lift Camshafts in 295deg (13mm) / ex 275deg (12mm)
TODA SPL Valve Spring
TODA Metal Head Gasket
TODA Main Bearing + Conrod Bearings
TODA Oil Ring

TODA Throttle Body
TODA Timing Chain
J’s Racing Dual Titanium Exhaust
J’s Racing Racing Cold Thermostat
J’s Racing Hyper Single Clutch
HKS Headers 4-1
HKS Sensors + Map Selector + Pro Start button ( Launch Control + Traction Control )
HKS M40 Iridium Plugs

Bore-up 1.5mm Cylinder Bodies + Porting Polish done by Garage R Singapore
Engine Tune by Lester Wong – Garage R Singapore

280hp on crank @ 10.600 rpm with 96 octane normal fuel
320hp on crank @ 11.680 rpm with HKS Drag Racing Fuel
11k redline rev.

Photography by Muhammad Balbed

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