The long-awaited, top-of-the-range new Land Rover Defender V8 is here and comes equipped with bespoke styling and the in-house AJ V8 engine.

The new Land Rover Defender V8 represents the most powerful and fastest Defender ever to reach series-production. It’s an engine we’re all familiar with now, having featured in the Jaguar F-Type and Range Rover Sport. Here it produces a humble 518bhp and 461lb ft of torque, making its claimed 0-62mph time just 5.2 seconds and topping out at just shy of 150mph in short-wheelbase, three-door 90 guise.

New Land Rover Defender V8

Inside, the V8 Defender gets more performance touches including an Alcantara steering wheel in place of the standard leather item. Behind the wheel sits new chrome-finished paddle shifters.

New Land Rover Defender V8

It may comes as a surprise to learn that Land Rover has been lapping the new V8 defender around the Nurburgring in an attempt to increase its handling abilities by ushering in some chassis tweaks. As a result, a new Dynamic drive mode is available alongside the regular driving modes already available on the Defender. The new mode sharpens throttle response and firms up the variable dampers.

Elsewhere in the chassis department, there are stuffer suspension bushes and thicker anti-rolls bars and a fancy yaw controller connected to the rear differential that varies torque across the rear axle for optimal grip.

New Land Rover Defender V8

How much does the V8 Land Rover Defender  cost?

Prices for the new Defender V8 start from £98,505 for the 90 variant, while the large five-door 110 starts from £101,150. Styling changes over the regular model include a quad-exit exhaust, similar to that found on the Range Rover and Jaguar, as well as 22-inch wheels and blue front brake calipers.


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