Link Launch New ‘KnockBlock’. Hear Knock.. Not Noise

Link UK has released details of its latest ‘must have’ for any serious tuner and engine mapper; The KnockBlock.

In any tuning situation, ‘knock’ or detonation as it’s more accurately known, can quite literally be the death knell of a performance engine. Over the years, numerous solutions have been engineered to allow mappers and tuners the ability to hear when detonation occurs, but the new KnockBlock raises the bar considerably in terms of features and usability, to make life quicker and easier for the professional.

The unit is essentially a powerful audio headphone amplifier that allows knock to be heard in crystal clarity. Naturally, the unit is compatible with most proprietary ECUs, but with Link’s own G4 range, mappers also have direct connection for closed loop ignition timing. It can either be powered by its own internal battery or via the vehicles 12v supply.

Key Features ‘At A Glance’

  • Two knock sensor inputs
  • High power, low distortion audio output
  • ANC (active noise cancellation) detection mode
  • 40MHz digital signal micro-processor
  • Analogue 0V to 5V output for interfacing to a Dyno or Engine Management System
  • Digital time window input for individual cylinder knock control
  • Digital window output for interfacing to Link G4 ECUs
  • External knock indication LED
  • Fifteen user selectable digital filters
  • Selectable detection gain from 1 to 64
  • Internal 9V battery compartment for quick setup
  • Low power mode for extended battery life (audio only)

KnockBlock is available either a professional tuner set up including the KnockBlock, loom, headphones and knock sensors, selling for £449+VAT. The retail kit includes just the box itself and wiring loom to allow the unit to be connected to the OEM knock sensors. This retails at £299+VAT. Both are considerably cheaper than a new engine!

For more details please click to or call the team on 08452 60 57 60

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