Kei Racing Release New RS55 Rim. Red Hot!

The latest alloy wheel design from Kei Racing showcases the very latest in casting and finishing technology. Aimed squarely at the Jap and track day markets, this stunning new wheel ticks all sorts of boxes!

First up is the design.  A deeply concaved spoke profile gives the rim an aggressive stance, particularly when ordered in the staggered sizes available. 18 x 8” and 18 x 9” will be available, as will 19 x 8.5” and 19 x 9.5”. To begin with, the wheel will be available in a 5 x 114.3” PCD in offsets to suit cars like the Subaru Impreza, Evo, 350 and 370Z and of course, all Skylines.

The spokes ‘float’ above the inner rim, leaving an attractive visual space that accents the depth of the rim behind and also helps to aid brake cooling.

Then there are the finishes available, Either Hyperblack with a red anodized detail, as shown here – or later in the season, Kei Racing will release a matt black version with blue detailing. There will also be a matt gunmetal finish in 18” only. For the ultimate finishing touch, Kei Racing already offer matching or contrasting lightweight anodised nuts.

But best of all is the weight, or more to the point, the lack of it!. Thanks to the innovative pressure-cast technology used in the construction of the RS55, the 18 x 9” pictured weighs in at just 9.9 kilos. Perfect for reducing unsprung weight and improving road and track manners.

Despite this all-star line up of features and stunning build quality, prices will be in line with the rest of the highly competitive Kei Racing range.

For more information on Kei Racing wheels, please visit or call them in the UK on 01530 517 920.

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