When it comes to engine swaps, the Honda K-Series is one of the more popular choices. But shoving a boosted one in a tiny smart car? That seems bonkers! Watch as That Racing Channel checks out this wild 600hp, K-Series Smart car complete with wheelie bar and a lack of doors…

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When it comes to engine swapping, Honda’s K-Series motors are some of the most popular engine swaps around the world. Here, though, is something a little more unusual. Engine-swapping a Smart car is nothing new, we’ve seen plenty of Hayabusa-powered cars. But removing the doors, the boot, widening the track signicianty, adding a roll cage and changing just about everything before adding in a boosted K-Series engine, well that’s a little more out of the ordinary.

As you can see from the dents across the bodywork, this is no show pony. Complete with wheelie bars (they have their own springs!), no doors and many dents from previous rollovers, this Smart car’s obscene power-to-weight ratio helps it blitz the competition.


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